Lingonet is an innovative Learning management system which is

  • Easy to use for both Trainer and Learner
  • Engaging, with up to date, relevant and diverse content

Our solution delivers a learning platform that meets the language needs of  the Business world in today’s global marketplace. The platform is totally responsive and looks attractive on any device, enabling it to be used anytime and anywhere.

Courses are structured to keep learning simple and accessible, which are key elements to successful language development.

In fact course creation has never been easier. Language providers have their own Learning environment with their logos and colour schemes. Courses can then be customised to meet the language needs of the Learners. Courses can be set up  for different languages, different levels and for learners working in different sectors

For example:

Business English for Finance Professionals, Engineering, Logistics

Business German for Beginners

The flexibility of our solution enables you to choose templates that can be

 partially populated with relevant and engaging content


fully populated with a course reader, interactive quizzes, video and audio material


build your own templates from a structured shell.

Whichever option is chosen , a trainer always has the ability to add their own material, link to their favourite resources etc

The Lingonet Dashboard gives learners a clear view of the language courses that they are enrolled in. Each course focuses on developing the professional language communication skills of the learner. Skills which are essential in today’s global marketplace.

Interactive quizzes give the learner instant feedback and grades are accessible to continuously track progress and language development.

To find out more information or to ask for a demonstration please contact us by mail: [email protected]