Higher Education

Lingo@Work has been put together with and by both teachers and program managers within Higher education.

The quality, accessibility and flexibility of the teaching materials are matched to the current
dynamics within the sector.
Both preparation and progress are standardized to facilitate lesson preparation and maintaining an
up to date gradebook. Students and teachers experience the flexibility of the online overview and the diverse and
engaging programme.
The structure and subjects of the Lingo @ work teaching package appeal to contemporary society

and the field of interest of our current generation of students.

The teacher is able to add additional material to allow current events to be studied in the context of
the learning experience. However, the curriculum includes as standard enough videos, authentic
texts, podcasts and exercises that are appropriate for the modern world.
This ensures above all that the curriculum is relevant and engaging. Learning business English has
never been so interesting, topical and enjoyable – giving young people the kickstart they need in
their professional life.